DC Comics to Follow-up Man of Steel with Batman/Superman

superman-batman-logoDC Comics’ big follow-up to the massive success of Man of Steel isn’t the much-anticipated Justice League movie but a movie starring DC’s two biggest heroes. Superman and Batman will share the screen in 2015’s Batman/Superman.

Much of the team behind the summer’s Man of Steel will head up Batman/Superman. Zack Snyder will return to direct the movie with Man of Steel co-writer David Goyer penning the script along with Snyder. Henry Cavill will don the famous blue tights again. Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane are also reprising their roles from Man of Steel.

The big question will now be who will play The Caped Crusader. Christian Bale has said in the past that he isn’t interested in playing Batman again. Casting Bruce Wayne / Batman will probably be a bigger task for Snyder, Warner Bros. and DC than getting a story that will work with both the summer blockbuster crowd and comic fans.

Snyder says that the story of the movie will take some inspiration from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns comic series. This worries me immensely. I can deal with some dissension between Supes and Bats but if there’s some big fight between the two, I don’t think I can handle another series of terrible “kryptonite ring” and “Batman’s smarter” arguments. Supes wins that fight every time but won’t in a movie because Batman is a bigger draw.

It’s not exactly rare to see Superman and Batman team up though that’s usually in the comics. World’s Finest Comics featured Bats and Supes teaming up from 1941 to 1970 before other partners were introduced on a more regular basis. DC recently launched the Batman/Superman series (which is currently in the to-read pile next to my blogging chair). Oh, and there’s this Justice League thing that they’re both in.

Speaking of the Justice League, that movie is part of DC/WB’s plans for DC Comics superhero movies. The plan is for Superman & Batman to be the summer 2015 blockbuster. A movie rebooting Flash will come out in 2016 with Justice League following in 2017. That means we’ll have seen four members of the Justice League by the time the Justice League movie comes out. That just leaves casting Wonder Woman and Aquaman for that… Unless they want to re-reboot Green Lantern.



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