Marvel Comics Legend John Romita Jr. Moves to DC Comics to Draw Superman

john-romita-jr-superman-headerNormally, the movement of artists and writers from one publisher to another isn’t big headline news in the comic industry. However, most days don’t see the movement of a near 40-year veteran of the industry from one major player to the other big player.

John Romita Jr. has been working for Marvel Comics since 1978 with long stints drawing Iron Man, Spider-man and the X-Men. Now, he’s going to get a chance to draw the most iconic comic book superhero in the world. Romita is making the jump to DC Comics to draw Superman.

Romita’s move is absolutely massive considering to his history. As I mentioned above, he was with Marvel for almost 40 years before this more. His father, John Romita Sr., was an artist with Marvel for over 40 years and was considered responsible for making Spider-man as popular as he was in the 60s and 70s because of his artwork. John Sr. also served as Marvel’s art director for eight years in which he also worked on updating the designs of such iconic characters as Wolverine and The Punisher.

While Romita Sr. had a short stint with DC Comic, the Romitas are a Marvel Comics dynasty. That makes Tuesday’s move by JRJR to DC Comics all the more surprising.

It looks like Romita Jr.’s first task with DC will be drawing the Superman series. Not only will he be starring on that series but he’ll be joined by DC’s Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns. Listening to Ivan Reis and Joe Prado at Fan Expo, Johns personally insisted on writing the series that they drew. I think that this bodes well for the Superman comic going forward.

The personnel move was first announced in this DC All Access video.

Source: IGN


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