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PlayStation Now Open Beta Starts Today on PS4

playstation-now-headerSony’s new cloud gaming service that I once called gaming’s next constructive technology is going to go public… kind of. The long-awaited open beta of PlayStation Now goes live in open beta to PlayStation 4 gamers in the US and Canada today.

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E3 2014: PlayStation Press Conference Trailer Roundup

Now that we’ve told you about the PlayStation press conference that closed out Monday’s festivities at E3, it’s time to show you some of what Sony had on offer at their big E3 show.

For the most part, I’ve stuck to the big titles that were exhibited by Sony Computer Entertainment but I couldn’t resist giving you a look at No Man’s Sky and Entwined because they both looked fantastic. Of course, so did LPB3 and Uncharted 4 but that was for very different reasons.

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Sony Launching Pre-Loading of All Pre-Orders in September

playstation-store-headerOne area that the old brick-and-mortar games retailer still has over your favourite digital retailer is firing up the game on launch day. Sometimes, picking up a game at a midnight launch gets you gaming faster than having to download the game from the various stores you buy from.

Sony is planning to change that on their PlayStation Store this fall. Starting with the launch of Destiny in September, Sony says that all games pre-ordered on the Store will be available for pre-loading prior to the game’s launch so you can play right when the game’s release.

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Another PS1 & PS2 Compatability Rumour Pops Up

playstation-consoles-headerBack in January, we brought you a report that Sony was working on adding local PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 emulation to the PlayStation 4 console. After a couple of quiet months, the rumour has come back with the UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine reporting on it too.

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Sony to Add More Video Sharing and Recording Features to PS4

ps4-console-headerWe knew it was going to a happen, it was just a matter of when not if it would happen. In a post on the official PlayStation blog, Sony Computer Entertainment America announced that a firmware update coming in the next few weeks would see the HDCP copy protection on PS4 games removed which will make video content producers (and the people who watch them) very happy.

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Sony Officially Unveils Its PS4 Virtual Reality Headset, Project Morpheus

sony-ps4-project-morpheusSony kicked of the 2014 edition of the Game Developers Conference by revealing the current worst kept secret in gaming. Shu Yoshida used the company’s innovation-themed GDC keynote to officially unveil Project Morpheus, Sony’s virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4.

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Sony Raises PS4 Console and Game Prices in Canada

ps4-moneyBack in January, we brought a story about EB Games Canada quietly raising prices on almost all of their new releases from $60 to upwards of $70 whether they were on current or last-gen consoles. Last month, Microsoft quietly announced that the price of Xbox One games would increase to $65 each. Now, Sony has announced that the price of the PS4 console in Canada will increase along with the price of games and peripherals.

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Jack Tretton, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO, to Resign

jack-tretton-e3-2013We often lament when athletes retire at the top of their game but what about when corporate executives step back at the height of their powers?

Jack Tretton, the current President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, has announced that he is resigning from his post effective March 31st. Shawn Layden, Executive Vice President and COO of Sony Network Entertainment International, will take over Tretton’s job on April 1st.

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Sony to Reveal Virtual Reality Headset as PS4 Remains in Short Supply

sony-ps4-vr-headset-conceptA few interesting news tidbits about Sony crossed my desk this weekend that I thought some of you might be interested in. Sony is pressing ahead with its interest in VR headsets. Rather than join forces with Oculus Rift, they’re making their own VR headset for the PS4 and we can expect to see it next month. Meanwhile, if you don’t already have a console for that headset, don’t expect to get your hands on one for another couple of months as the PS4 remains in short supply.

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Sony Working on PS1/PS2 Emulation for PS4

playstation-consoles-headerIt looks like Sony isn’t content with solely utilizing their PlayStation Now cloud gaming platform to bring backwards compatibility to the PlayStation 4. Reports indicate that SCE is working on software emulation to run PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games right on your PS4.

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