Sony to Reveal Virtual Reality Headset as PS4 Remains in Short Supply

sony-ps4-vr-headset-conceptA few interesting news tidbits about Sony crossed my desk this weekend that I thought some of you might be interested in. Sony is pressing ahead with its interest in VR headsets. Rather than join forces with Oculus Rift, they’re making their own VR headset for the PS4 and we can expect to see it next month. Meanwhile, if you don’t already have a console for that headset, don’t expect to get your hands on one for another couple of months as the PS4 remains in short supply.

The folks at Tech Radar say that their sources inside Sony say that the headset prototypes have been built and tested and the company is planning to use them to make a splash at March’s Game Developer Conference. The insider said that the quality of the headset was impressive though didn’t compare it to the Oculus Rift.

The revealing of this report prompted rumours that Sony was working on new games to go with the VR headset to be unveiled at E3 this year. Like both Sony and Microsoft did with their consoles last year, they’re unveiling the hardware first and using their E3 presentation and booths to show off the software to go with it.

As for the Oculus Rift, the folks behind the biggest of the virtual reality headsets, inventor Palmer Luckey was quoted in an interview as saying that the current crop of console hardware was too limited for the Rift and that PC was the way to go. That’s why Sony went ahead with its own VR headset. It doesn’t, on the other hand, explain while Valve is working on a VR headset.

Meanwhile, Sony UK says that the PS4 will be in limited supply until about April when they’ll have enough supply to meet demand for it.

So far, the PS4 has well outsold the Xbox One. After doubling the XB1’s sales in January, Sony announced that their console has sold 5.3 million units from launch through the first week of February. Extreme Tech projected the Xbox One’s sales over that same period at 3.6 million units given that half of Sony’s 2014 sales would give Microsoft 600,000 sales during this calendar year. These numbers don’t include this weekend’s Japanese PS4 launch which will see the Sony console’s lead grow further.

While both consoles are putting up impressive numbers, you can see why the two companies are thinking differently about their gaming consoles. Sony sees their gaming division as a critical pillar of the business while Microsoft investors want the company to consider axing the Xbox division. Microsoft doesn’t play to finish second and can’t be happy with this console launch. While there’s nothing wrong with trying to make consoles more like what Steam has, their rush to go from zero to Steam seems to have really hurt the One so far.

Sources: Tech Radar, MCV


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