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PlayStation Now Coming to PS Vita and TV on October 14th

playstation-tv-headerThe PlayStation Vita family of hardware is getting a bit content boost next week. Alongside the October 14th launch of the PlayStation TV device that acts as an equivalent to the PlayStation Vita that you can plug into your TV, the PS Vita and PlayStation TV will get the launch of the PlayStation Now beta on those devices.

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PlayStation Now Open Beta Starts Today on PS4

playstation-now-headerSony’s new cloud gaming service that I once called gaming’s next constructive technology is going to go public… kind of. The long-awaited open beta of PlayStation Now goes live in open beta to PlayStation 4 gamers in the US and Canada today.

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PlayStation Now Rental Prices Are Higher Than Retail

playstation-now-headerIn the run up to the open beta of PlayStation Now that is scheduled to launch in July, PS Now users in the closed beta have noticed a major change as Sony gets geared up for that milestone. Sony has added prices to the PS Now menus and those prices have potential customers up in arms.

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E3 2014: Sony Reveals Pricing of PlayStation Now

playstation-now-headerWhile we’ve heard plenty of good things about the PlayStation Now services and gotten a look at some of the games but one key component of PS Now that hadn’t been revealed during the closed beta was the pricing model. With the announcement of the PlayStation Now open beta starting on July 31st, Sony took the opportunity to reveal the prices of renting games on the service and it may not endear them to many gamers.

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PlayStation Now Beta Leak Hints at Rental System

playstation-now-headerWe haven’t heard a lot about Sony’s cloud-based game streaming service, PlayStation Now, since they detailed it at CES in January. The beta has been ongoing for select PS3 users since February. However, the latest PS Now update and leak have given us our first hint at the business model powering the service.

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Sony Launches PlayStation Now Beta with Nine Games

playstation-now-headerWhile the full launch of the PlayStation Now service is hotly anticipated, the first wave of games in the beta may just cool expectations slightly. The closed beta invites for PS3 users went out last week and the early list of available games aren’t all the epic titles that people were hoping for.

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PlayStation Now is Gaming’s Next Disruptive Technology

playstation-now-headerWhen Nintendo announced the Wii, many cynics wrote off the console’s motion controls as a gimmick that wouldn’t add much anything to gameplay. After the console’s massive popularity and sales upon launch, both Microsoft and Sony followed Nintendo into the world of motion controls to gain back market share.

The Wii and its motion controls are a perfect example of a disruptive technology. The games industry was completely overtaken by the motion control fad as millions of dollars were spent to keep pace with Nintendo. They set a new direction for gaming and the other two console manufacturers followed.

PlayStation Now may not be out yet but Sony’s cloud gaming service is, if implemented correctly by Sony Computer Entertainment, destined to be one of the biggest and most disruptive technologies that the gaming industry has ever seen.

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Sony Officially Reveals PlayStation Now Cloud Gaming Service

playstation-now-headerThe cloud gaming service formerly called Gaikai and informally referred to by gaming news writers as PlayStation Cloud was officially announced by Sony at CES. The service is now called PlayStation Now and is going to be available on just about every device that you can imagine.

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