Sony to Add More Video Sharing and Recording Features to PS4

ps4-console-headerWe knew it was going to a happen, it was just a matter of when not if it would happen. In a post on the official PlayStation blog, Sony Computer Entertainment America announced that a firmware update coming in the next few weeks would see the HDCP copy protection on PS4 games removed which will make video content producers (and the people who watch them) very happy.

Prior to the launch of the PlayStation 4, Sony had announced that the PS4’s HDCP would be active at launch but a firm update would be released later on to remove the video encoding that prevents people from recording game footage on external devices. This announcement comes as Sony’s first major first-party system seller, inFamous: Second Son, hit store shelves today.

In addition to removing the HDCP restriction, Sony is adding several more video sharing features with their next firmware update. The Share button will allow users to export videos and screenshots to a USB drive. In addition to the new ways to get your videos, Sony says that a new “rich” video editor is coming with that next update.

Streamers on the PS4 will also get an upgrade with the next firmware update. People broadcasting to both Twitch and Ustream will be able to do so at 720p resolution, matching the Xbox One’s streaming resolution which came with a pre-Titanfall firmware update. PS4 streams on Twitch will also come with an option to archive the broadcasts upon completion.

With YouTube becoming the go-to place for games coverage, Sony probably should have prioritized getting this update out ahead of the Xbox One or before inFamous’s release. It hasn’t helped grassroots marketing since videos could be more plentiful if it was easier to get better and longer clips online. This was a necessary step by Sony but I wonder if it’s not come a bit later than it should have.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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