Sony Working on PS1/PS2 Emulation for PS4

playstation-consoles-headerIt looks like Sony isn’t content with solely utilizing their PlayStation Now cloud gaming platform to bring backwards compatibility to the PlayStation 4. Reports indicate that SCE is working on software emulation to run PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games right on your PS4.

According to Eurogamer, not only is Sony looking to run PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games locally on PlayStation 4 consoles but are looking to improve the quality of graphics of legacy games running on the PS4. This is said to be similar to how PS1 and PS2 emulators on PC work in that the resolution is upscaled and quality improved without actually going back into the game and updating all the graphics.

Local emulation does make some sense when you think about it. Not everyone is going to go for PlayStation Now, not all games are going to be on PS Now at launch and opening up the extensive PlayStation back catalogue will help deal with complaints about their being too few games available on current-gen consoles. It gives Sony a leg up over the Xbox One until everybody starts rolling out their next wave of big triple-A exclusives.

Also, by doing only PS1 and PS2 emulation, Sony doesn’t get rid of PS Now’s raison-de-etre. If you don’t have the required PS1 or PS2 discs or really want to play PS3 games, you’ll need to get PlayStation Now. PS1 and PS2 emulation isn’t going to be something that takes away from PlayStation Now to any significant degree. Sure, if there’s someone who only wants to play, say, Ape Escape games, they don’t need PS Now. Apart from that, PS Now still looks like a big deal for Sony.

Source: Eurogamer


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