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Report Suggests that ESPN and Riot Games are in Talks for LCS TV Broadcast Deal

espn-league-of-legends-headerWith the explosion in popularity of eSports viewership worldwide, people have been wondering if eSports will make the jump to TV. We’ve seen ESPN take an interest in major eSports competitions of late with broadcasts of The International and Heroes of the Dorm on ESPN2 with the League of Legends World Championship streamed on ESPN3 along with a newly-founded eSports news division.

Now, a report from PVP Live suggests that ESPN’s presence in the eSports community could expand. They’re reporting that Riot Games and ESPN have been talking about a TV broadcast deal for LCS.

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Bob Ross is Coming Back to Twitch Every Monday

bob-ross-joy-of-painting-twitchNobody likes Mondays but Twitch now has the perfect way for you to get over your weekly case of the Mondays. Twitch has announced that following the massive and unexpected popularity and success of the Bob Ross The Joy of Painting marathon, Monday nights on Twitch will be Bob Ross nights. For six-and-a-half hours every Monday, Twitch will stream a season of The Joy of Painting and let Twitch chat have its fun alongside.

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Twitch Buys GoodGame Agency, Including Evil Geniuses and Alliance eSports Teams

goodgame-logoNot only is Twitch is in a being acquired sort of mood lately but they’re also in an acquiring sort of mood. This week, the leading online game streaming service announced that it was buying one of the top companies in eSports. Twitch announced the acquisition of the GoodGame Agency, an eSports marketing company whose portfolio includes leading eSports teams Evil Geniuses and Alliance.

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Steam Launches Steam Broadcasting Streaming Service

steam-broadcasting-headerThe biggest digital store and the most popular game client in gaming isn’t enough for Valve. Last year, Steam announced the launch of their own operating system, controller and Steam-branded Steam Machine gaming PCs for the living room. Now, Steam is taking on Twitch with its latest project.

This week, Steam announced Steam Broadcasting, a new streaming service that will let you watch people play games in and through the Steam client.

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Twitch Updates Rules of Conduct to Ban “Sexually Suggestive” and “Self-Destructive” Behaviour

twitch-tv-logo-headerYou knew that changes were coming to Twitch after their billion-dollar purchase by Amazon. However, changes so far have been fairly minimal. Sure, there’s the content ID on VODs but it beats the haphazard way that YouTube’s content ID and DCMA systems work. And their latest change might seem fairly minimal but it might have a big impact on some streamers with this week’s changes to the rules of conduct.

The two changes to Twitch’s Rules of Conduct revolve around what Twitch called “self destructive behaviour” and “sexually suggestive” clothing and behaviour.

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Amazon Buys Twitch for Almost $1 Billion

twitch-tv-logo-headerSo much for the billion-dollar Google deal. After months of rumours, reports, hints and supposed confirmations, it turns out that the $1 billion purchase of game streaming site Twitch by Google/YouTube never actually happened. Instead, Amazon has stepped up and ninja’d their way into a Twitch purchase for the same $1 billion that Google reportedly offered.

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Twitch Introduces Audio Content Matching System For VODs

twitch-tv-logo-headerThe YouTube-ification of Twitch continues this week. With the shut down of Twitch Interactive’s original live-streaming website,, on Tuesday, Twitch made another move that moves it closer to being a live-streaming arm of YouTube. In a blog post on Wednesday, Twitch announced that they were introducing an audio content recognition algorithm to identify and mute copyrighted audio in VODs.

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Twitch Shuts Down Justin.TV

justin-tv-logoWith the sale of Twitch Interactive to YouTube / Google having been recently reported as being virtually a done deal, it was only a matter of time before changes were made at Twitch. The first move of the company under its new ownership was to shut down the original division of Twitch Interactive. Live-streaming website was the first casualty of the new regime with the site closing its doors on Tuesday.

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YouTube Reportedly to Buy Twitch For $1 Billion

twitch-tv-logo-headerIf you can’t beat them, buy them. While YouTube has tried their hand at live streaming, they aren’t as big as live streaming powerhouse Twitch. So how do you fight back? You buy them.

YouTube has dipped into Google’s massive pockets and reportedly come up with $1 billion to buy Twitch in what would be the online video site’s largest acquisition.

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IEM World Championship by the Numbers

With a peak of over 600,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch and over 1,000,000 concurrent viewers when adding in other sources, the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship from Katowice, Poland, was an absolute success. It was the ESL’s most-watched tournament and the most-watched event based in Europe in eSports history with 5.7 million hours more content watched than the previous record holder, the 2013 Dreamhack Winter Championship.

For this and more stats about IEM Katowice, we have a handy infographic for your perusal.

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