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Crytek Once Again Insists That Its Finances Are Secure

crytek-logoOver the last few weeks, we’ve had a few reports about developer Crytek going through serious financial trouble that has resulted in the company missing paycheques and senior staff leaving the company.

After far too much silence on the matter, Crytek has finally come out with an official statement that indicates that their current financial situation has been stabilized.

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Crytek UK Losing Senior Staff Over Financial Troubles

crytek-logoWhen we reported last month that Crytek was in the midst of major financial troubles, we knew that those sorts of stories tend to get worse before they get better. Well, it looks like Crytek’s UK studio might be the hardest hit with senior staff leaving the studio and others walking off the job because of unpaid wages.

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Crytek Denies Bankruptcy Reports While More Reports of Trouble Crop Up

crytek-logoA German gaming magazine says that Crytek, developer of the Crysis series and makers of the CryEngine, is on the verge of bankruptcy after a disastrous launch of their Xbox One launch exclusive, Ryse: Son of Rome.

However, this report has come as news to the folks at Crytek who denied that there is a problem with cash flows at the German developer. All this while more reports come out indicating that the current situation at Crytek is very dire.

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Building (Critical) Consensus: Crysis 3

In terms of visuals, the Crysis series is the most triple of the triple-A games. Okay, Crysis 2 wasn’t great if you were on a PC but the original Crysis still looks good today and Crysis 3 is an absolutely gorgeous game. However, a game can’t be carried on visuals alone. Is that where Crytek’s efforts fall apart with the third instalment in their Crysis franchise? Read the rest of this entry

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