Building (Critical) Consensus: Crysis 3

In terms of visuals, the Crysis series is the most triple of the triple-A games. Okay, Crysis 2 wasn’t great if you were on a PC but the original Crysis still looks good today and Crysis 3 is an absolutely gorgeous game. However, a game can’t be carried on visuals alone. Is that where Crytek’s efforts fall apart with the third instalment in their Crysis franchise?

IGN (8.5/10) – Crysis 3 is a polished iteration on the previous Crysis titles. Its campaign mode features some much needed soul beneath the sci-fi sheen, which gives a sense of purpose to all the killing that has been previously absent from the series.

Digital Spy (4/5) – Crysis 3 is one of those games that could have pulled in full marks if only a bit more time was devoted to development and testing. The bugs and design mishaps that have got through do not completely ruin the experience, but they take the shine off what could have been a truly brilliant game.

Polygon (7/10) – I enjoyed myself despite how much of a step backward the entire game feels from its predecessors. It’s a beautiful game with jaw-dropping production values. But it took me a few hours to realize how empty Crysis 3 feels.

Video Gamer (6/10) – Whereas the campaign is the usual wit-and-humourless jaunt through nonsensical plotting, dumb enemies, and prescribed action, in multiplayer you’ll finally feel like you’re testing your powers – and wits – against worthy opponents, in an environment that caters to experimentation and, well, fun.

Kotaku (No) – Crysis 3 is a finely tuned luxury automobile that’s not, as it turns out, all that finely tuned. You sit, revving the engine, hoping that weird sound will go away, but it doesn’t. It gets louder. You lower the driver’s-side window; it gets stuck halfway. You pull down the sun-visor; it comes off in your hand.


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