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EA and Sony Lead Best of E3 Nominations

best-of-e3-2013-bannerI didn’t realize that these were a properly official thing but a group of 30 gaming publications come together after E3 to give out official awards for games that are presented and playable at E3. I just thought that each publication did their own awards and they didn’t really mean anything. Okay, in reality, E3 awards don’t mean anything but they sure look great for marketing.

Anyway, if this year’s E3 awards mean anything, Titanfall is going to be an absolute blockbuster that makes Microsoft smart for locking it up as a console exclusive. That was about the only bright spot for Microsoft. When it came to first-party nominations, Sony racked up more than three times as many as Microsoft.

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E3 2013: Xbox One Games Were Running on High-Powered Windows 7 PCs

When a game developer works on a game for a particular console, they get a “dev kit.” These are computers that are specced out to perform similar to the retail version of the console. One would assume that the games being shown off at E3 were running on dev kits but you’d be wrong.

It turns out that eye-witness reports from the floor at E3 say that not only were Xbox One games not running on dev kits but PCs that were likely far more powerful than the XB1.

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E3 2013: Driveclub PS Plus Edition is Free-to-Play

driveclub-bannerDidn’t getting a PlayStation 4 launch title for free for being a PlayStation Plus subscriber sound almost too good to be true? Well, that’s because it actually is too good to be true.

Sony confirmed that the PlayStation Plus Edition of the PS4 launch title Driveclub is going to operate on a free-to-play business model. You can get the game for free but some of the game’s tracks and cars will be locked out until you buy them.

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Polytron Announces Fez 2

Love him or hate him, Phil Fish made a damn good video game when he and his team at Polytron made Fez. (Review coming eventually, I promise.)

In an announcement at the Horizon conference, a one-day video game arts show run by Venus Patrol and the LA Museum of Contemporary Art, Fish officially announced that Fez 2 is in development and would be coming eventually on consoles to be named later. Hey, Phil, the Wii U doesn’t charge indies for patches!

E3 2013: The Xbox One Launches in Only 21 Countries in November

Do you live in Portugal, the Czech Republic, South Africa, South Korea, China or India and want to play on your Xbox One this holiday season? Well, you’re completely SOL.

Microsoft has posted a list of 21 countries which is calls Xbox One-supported Xbox Live countries which are the only countries where you can access Xbox Live from your Xbox One to activate games and perform the required online check-in to play games when the console launches in November.

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E3 2013: Someone Called the Cops to Shut Down Ouya

ouya-e3-displayWhen the folks behind the Ouya console decided that they were going to do E3 in a parking lot near the Los Angeles Convention Centre, you knew they were going to be ruffling a few feather with the establishment. Well, the Ouya got the attention they desired from their setup but not from the gaming press and fans but from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Yesterday afternoon, the LAPD were called to shut down the Ouya’s parking lot display and they allege that it was the ESA who put the LAPD up to it.

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E3 2013: More Info Leaks About the PS4 and Its Interface

playstation-4-interface-e3While Microsoft tried to get as much info about the Xbox One out ahead of E3 this year, Sony went the opposite direction with the PlayStation 4. As a result, it looks like the whole week could have PS4 hype, especially when compared to what we’ve heard about the Xbone.

Some new info has come out about the upcoming next-gen console about the PS4’s new user interface and the how it handles the hard drive.

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E3 2013: Killer Instinct Reboot is Free-to-Play with Only One Free Character

How do you kill the momentum of a fighting franchise being revived on next-generation hardware? You announce that it’s free-to-play and that gamers will be so hosed on micro-transactions that they can only play one character unless they want to buy more characters.

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Update on the PlayStation 4’s Used Games Policy…

We’ve updated our post on the PlayStation 4’s used games DRM policy. Sony says that they won’t allow online passes to be used to restrict the functionality of used games. The post has been updated to reflect this clarification.

E3 2013: Ubisoft Does What They Do Best – New IPs

ubisoft-logo-bannerLast but certainly not least on our roundup of Monday’s E3 press events is Ubisoft. While Ubisoft isn’t the biggest publisher on the block, to their credit, they are very willing to take risks with new IPs and new gameplay ideas. It may hurt them in the grand scheme of sales but it does earn them a lot of credit.

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