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E3 2016: Legend of Zelda and PlayStation Clean Up in Best of E3 Awards

e3-2016-games-critics-awards-2016-bannerThis year’s edition of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo certainly had some games that people were interested in but one title stood above the rest in the eyes of the critics. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might have had an underwhelming response from fans because of how Nintendo presented it but it took home the most awards of any game at E3 with three Best of E3 awards, including the coveted Best Of Show. Sony took home the most awards for its hardware and exclusives with four awards.

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Evolve Wins Best of Show and 3 Other Best of E3 Awards

best-of-e3-2014-headerAfter an E3 that didn’t really set the gaming world on fire for the remainder of 2014, the 29 media outlets on the Game Critics Awards panel have announced the official best of E3 award winners. The big winner was Evolve which picked up four awards, including Best of Show. Hot on its heels was No Man’s Sky which won three awards, one of which is was best Indie Game.

By the way, don’t try to make sense of why some games won some big awards but missed out on other awards. Given that I keep hearing about these awards from Geoff Keighley, I’d imagine that some VGX-style consolation prizing is going on.

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EA and Sony Lead Best of E3 Nominations

best-of-e3-2013-bannerI didn’t realize that these were a properly official thing but a group of 30 gaming publications come together after E3 to give out official awards for games that are presented and playable at E3. I just thought that each publication did their own awards and they didn’t really mean anything. Okay, in reality, E3 awards don’t mean anything but they sure look great for marketing.

Anyway, if this year’s E3 awards mean anything, Titanfall is going to be an absolute blockbuster that makes Microsoft smart for locking it up as a console exclusive. That was about the only bright spot for Microsoft. When it came to first-party nominations, Sony racked up more than three times as many as Microsoft.

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