Amazon Prime Adds Classic HBO Shows to its Lineup

amazon-hbo-logosJust when you thought that Netflix was the unquestioned #1 player in online video streaming, Amazon Prime made a big play to get back into the game. Amazon announced that they’ve signed a licensing agreement with HBO to stream classic HBO shows on the Amazon Prime video service.

Prior to this announcement, HBO shows had only been available through the HBO Go app and website. HBO’s streaming service doesn’t have a paid subscription option like Netflix or Amazon Prime but is available to HBO subscribers.

This new deal puts classic HBO series and movies through Amazon Prime. I keep using that word classic because you aren’t going to see this week’s episode of Game of Thrones hours after it’s aired. Current HBO shows, including will be available for streaming approximately three years after they originally air on HBO. Also, HBO’s press release never mentioned Game of Thrones so there’s that to worry about too.

So in addition to early seasons of Boardwalk Empire and Treme, you also have access to HBO’s back catalogue which doesn’t seem to be subject to the same three-year delay as ongoing series. For example, Eastbound & Down had its series finale less than six months ago but will be available in full when HBO launches on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

If newer HBO shows aren’t your thing, they’ll have an extensive library of critically acclaimed shows for you to go through. The official release says that Amazon Prime users can watch The Sopranos, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, Band of Brothers and more. Apart from the three-year wait on current HBO shows, it seems to be the streaming HBO product that everyone has been waiting for.

You don’t have to run out right this second to sign up for Amazon Prime. HBO shows arrive for streaming on Amazon on May 21st. Fortunately for you Yanks, that’s just in time to spend your Memorial Day weekend watching HBO.

Source: BGR


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