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Microsoft Unveils Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 Tablets

microsoft-surface-headerEven though Microsoft wrote down the value of their Surface tablet inventory by $900 million back in July and slashed the retail price of their tablet offerings to try to increase sales, they haven’t given up on their entry into the tablet market. On Monday, Microsoft launched their second salvo in the tablet market by unveiling their new and improved Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets.

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CES 2013: Tuesday Roundup

We’ve had a couple of days of action at CES already but Tuesday marked the official opening day of the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show. In addition to some very interesting product news, we had our first keynote presentation of the show from Panasonic.

sony-ces-2013Sony 4K TVs and Movies – Sony looks for the first mover advantage
Sony’s home entertainment strategy seems to be going all-in on 4K. So far at CES, they’ve announced 4K Ultra HD TVs, a prototype 4K OLED TV, a prototype professional 4K video camera, a prototype 4K Handycam, 4K Blu-Ray discs and 4K streaming movies. Yes, it’s all 4K, all the time from Sony. Well, that would be a good strategy if it all isn’t likely to be prohibitively expensive. The only price Sony has announced is a $25,000 price tag on their 84″ 4K LCD TV.

It’s a sound business plan. If Sony expects that 4K Ultra HD is going to be where the consumer market goes next, being the first mover into the market is generally considered a good move. It would probably be better if they backed it up with 4K output compatibility from the upcoming PS4. I figure that the inclusion of Blu-Ray on the PS3 put that in enough homes to push it over the top in the war with HD-DVD. Maybe the PS4 can get 4K in homes too… When the prices come down. Read the rest of this entry

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