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Comic Book Pull List for September 25, 2013

justice-league-23.4So I finally got a chance to see those 3D villains covers that DC has done for Villains Month and they look pretty damn good. So good, in fact, that my local comic book store can’t keep these issues in stock. Even with all the issues coming out this month, they have literally no unsold issues of DC’s villains comics. I’d say that this was a successful promotional event. Give us an update about how these comics are selling at your comic book store by dropping us a line in the comments.

Anyway, time for my comic picks of the week. With DC’s Villain’s Month wrapping up, you can learn about the Secret Society which had been a key part of the first five issues of JLA. However, the Secret Society issue isn’t a JLA title but in Justice League #23.4. Speaking of villain comics, while Thanos is occupying most of the Marvel-verse’s attention, other villains are using the opportunity for a big score in Infinity: Heist #1. If you’re looking for something different, Image has a sex comedy for you with Sex Criminals #1.

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BlackBerry Sold for $4.7 Billion

blackberry-headerJust when you thought BlackBerry might be dead after their weekend from hell, it looks like that a consortium of buyers still see some life in the old girl yet. A group led by BlackBerry’s largest shareholder, Fairfax Financial Holdings, will buy the outstanding shares of BlackBerry in an all-cash deal totaling $4.7 billion.

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Valve Announces SteamOS

steam-os-headerValve promised us three announcements this week. People are hoping for things like the long-awaited Steam Box, an official debut of the Source 2 engine and, as always with a Valve announcement, Half-Life 3.

However, Valve’s major announcement caught everyone completely off guard. While we were expecting hardware or a game, we instead got a new computer operating system that Valve calls SteamOS.

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BlackBerry and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Weekend

blackberry-10-headerJust when you thought that BlackBerry was turning a corner and making a comeback with the launch of BlackBerry 10 earlier this year, it turns out that the only way they can make news is when things go catastrophically badly for them. BlackBerry stole the Friday and Saturday headlines from Apple’s launch of the iPhone 5S with announcements of $1 billion in inventory write-downs, a massive staff cut and the failure to launch of BBM.

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Haven: Survivors Review

haven-bannerLast week on Haven, things almost got reset to the way they were in the series premiere. Audrey was thrown into a new situation without knowing what was actually happening but it all seemed so perfectly natural. Nathan isn’t the police chief. And Marion Caldwell was killing people with her weather trouble.

This week on Haven, it’s back to the status quo. No, Audrey’s not back in Haven yet but we’re back to the Trouble of the Week format of episode. At least we had some other happenings in Haven to liven things up.

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Geek Links of the Week

The man who lead Nintendo from being a toy company to one of the biggest video game companies in the world, Hiroshi Yamauchi, died this week. [Venture Beat]

Netflix wants to be bigger than HBO but can they if their plan is to produce just five original series? [IBR]

Which version of Grand Theft Auto V looks better and performs better? [Digital Foundry]

And while Faux News is trying to blame violent video games for the shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington by a man who was hearing voices, Al Jazeera is asking if Grand Theft Auto’s trademark controversy has passed it by and now its just another video game. A critically acclaimed video game but a video game that doesn’t stand out from the crowd solely on the basis of controversial content. [Al Jazeera America]

Someone ranked the best fonts. Sounds like fun. [The Observer]

Facebook Likes Considered Free Speech

facebook-like-bannerIt’s not something that you would think of as a hot button human rights issue but a US court has ruled that using the Like button on Facebook constitutes exercising the right to free speech and is deserving of the same protections as afforded other substantive speech.

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The Long Dark Crashes onto Kickstarter

the-long-dark-bannerNow that Kickstarter has opened up their crowdfunding platform to projects based in Canada, we’ve seen a massive influx of groups looking for money to make projects real. The one that has piqued my interest is a new game from a new indie studio based out in BC.

Hinterland Studio has brought together a core team that includes developers whose previous work experience includes time at BioWare, Volition, Relic, Riot and more triple-A games and studios to make a first-person survival sim called The Long Dark.

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Building (Critical) Consensus: The Wonderful 101

the-wonderful-101-box-artAlright, here’s the review roundup you guys were looking for this week. I know you weren’t that interested in Greater Toronto Area V or whatever that other game is called. This week saw the North American release of The Wonderful 101, another Wii U exclusive that Nintendo hopes will convince people that there actually are games available for the Wii U. I won’t call it a system seller because those Mario Kart and Smash Bros. games in the pipeline will move consoles while a new IP isn’t likely to do that unless it’s a GOTY candidate.

Well, I guess that is unless you’re at Gaming Age who have deemed this a killer app for the Wii U. They’re one of three outlets to give the game a perfect score. Not all praise is that high. The scores bottom out at 55% and go all the way up to 100%. Reviewers agree that they like the charm and fun of the game but there are bugs and control issues that hold the game back.

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EA Sports & Origin Boss Andrew Wilson Named EA CEO

andrew-wilson-eaThere aren’t that many surprises in the games industry any more but EA certainly caught people off guard with their choice of a new CEO. Andrew Wilson, the current Executive Vice President of EA Sports and EA’s Origin digital distribution client and store, has been named Electronic Arts’ new Chief Executive Officer.

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