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Is Microsoft Working on an Xbox One Slim?

xbox-one-no-kinect-headerNot only does Microsoft have the for-now-temporary $50 discount on Kinect-less Xbox One consoles and bundles that started yesterday, late last week, news broke that Microsoft is working on the next “generation” of Xbox One consoles that could lead to a permanent price drop. Word on the street is that AMD has developed a smaller processor for use in the Xbox One which could be the precursor to big changes to the Xbox One.

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AMD Goes Big with Mantle API and Next-Gen GPU Announcement

amd-radeon-r9-290xRumours ahead of Wednesday’s announcement by AMD at their GPU14 Tech Day event said that AMD was going to be unveiling something that would top NVIDIA’s flagship Titan graphics card at less than the price of the GTX 780. Not only is AMD taking the fight to NVIDIA but they’re also going after DirectX by trying to bring console-level graphics optimization to the PC.

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