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EA Finalizes Settlement in NCAA Video Game Lawsuit

ea-sports-bannerElectronic Arts and the Collegiate Licencing Company have settled a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit over the use of the likenesses of NCAA Division I (and FBS) football and basketball players in EA Sports video games without compensation.

After agreeing to a settlement in principle back in September 2013, the three parties agreed to a settlement worth $40 million for the estimated up to 200,000 players who appeared in the EA Sports NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball / March Madness games since 2003.

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EA Sports Cancels College Football 15, Settles Lawsuit

ea-sports-ncaa-football-14People looking forward to the next installment of EA Sports’ annual college football franchise will just have to do the annual roster update themselves. EA has cancelled next year’s edition of EA Sports College Football (formerly NCAA Football) and may be cancelling the franchise altogether as a result of player likeness lawsuits and licensing withdrawals by the NCAA and some of it member conferences.

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SEC, Big Ten and Pac-12 Not Licensing Trademarks to EA Sports

ea-sports-ncaa-football-14It’s not just the NCAA whose logo won’t appear in this year’s edition of EA’s College Football franchise (formerly known as NCAA Football). The Southeastern Conference (SEC) and the Big Ten have joined the NCAA in not licensing their name and logos for use in the popular game.

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NCAA Ends Football Licensing Agreement with EA Sports

ea-sports-ncaa-football-14The long-running NCAA Football franchise is coming to an end after this year’s NCAA Football 14 by EA Sports. The NCAA announced that they would allow their licensing agreement with EA Sports to expire at the end of June 2014.

However, given the structure of licensing of college schools and events, it’s entirely possible that EA Sports will have a college football next year.

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