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Dark Horse is Launching a New Firefly Comic Series

dark-horses-serenity-headerFor all the talk about movie sequels and Netflix TV series revivals, we haven’t had any more Firefly. But, as we all know, you can’t stop the signal and no power in the verse can stop Firefly. Browncoats looking for more Firefly will be getting that from an upcoming comic series published by Dark Horse Comics.

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The Original Star Wars Story will Be Told in a Comic

We all know the story of Star Wars fairly well thanks to the six movies (soon to be more) and the Expanded Universe. However, as some of you likely know, that wasn’t the original story that George Lucas put to paper.

Now, with the permission of Lucas himself, the original screenplay is being brought back to life in the form of Dark Horse Comics’ upcoming series, The Star Wars.

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Mass Effect Is Getting an Ongoing Comic Book Series Called Foundation

mass-effect-foundation-cover-artAt last weekend’s Emerald City Comic Con, Mass Effect 3 lead writer Mac Walters revealed that the Mass Effect series would spawn a comic book series. While the Mass Effect saga is no stranger to comic books, previously, it had only been in the form of one-off digital comics or short miniseries.

Now, Mass Effect is getting a full-fledged comic series to be published by Dark Horse that will span at least twelve issues. It will be called Mass Effect: Foundation.

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