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What is Vine?

The world of social media has a new toy to play with to share short video snippets. Last Thursday, Twitter announced the launch of a video sharing service called Vine. This allows users to create and upload six-second long videos and share them on Twitter and Facebook.

The mainstream splash wasn’t big but it was noticeable. That’s likely because the Vine mobile app that allows you to create these videos is currently available for iOS only. If Apple’s share price is anything to go by, being all in on Apple isn’t quite the best business strategy. The developers haven’t officially announced any plans to launch the app on Android or the other major mobile operating systems.

However, Vinepeek has been profiled a couple of times by the mainstream media. BuzzFeed has already dubbed it the most addicting new website on the internet. Vinepeek is an unofficial/unassociated site that provides a steady stream of Vine videos for you to watch. Apparently it’s both entertaining and voyeuristically creepy.

Vine isn’t the first short-form video tool. Tout boasts 15-second video run times and has numerous high-profile users including various celebrities, news agencies and TV shows. Vine might be the new kid on the block but they’re not the only one and are certainly an underdog to the well-established Tout.

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