Windows 10 to Include Xbox App and Cortana Integration

windows-10-platform-headerIn the gaming sector, Microsoft is often criticized for seemingly being opposed to cross-platform play opportunities. For those outside the gaming space, Microsoft isn’t open to Xbox console gamers playing with those on the likes of PC and PlayStation at the same time. A leak from a technical preview of Windows 10 shows that Microsoft might be willing to integrate a little more cross-platform functionality.

The most recent preview build of Windows 10 (as of writing) has a preview of the operating system’s Windows 10 app. From the looks of it, Microsoft is looking to Steam and its client for inspiration. Short of playing games, the Xbox app has friends list, activity feed, achievements and store functionality built-in. The only thing missing is Smart Glass integration but you have to expect that coming in the not too distant future if Microsoft is serious about pushing it as a second-screen experience.

Also, and perhaps more importantly to the majority of people who will be using Windows 10, Cortana integration will be a key part of the new operating system. The early build shows Cortana working in a very similar way to that of the app on Windows Phone 8.1. It will respond to both voice and text commands as well as being integrated with your computer’s search, reminders and other various apps on your computer.

What I haven’t seen yet is any indication of how integrated your various devices will be. I know Microsoft pitched Windows 10 being for your computer, tablet, phone and Xbox but I think the biggest selling point for Windows 10 will be showing a seamless cross-platform experience. Everything each platform being somehow accessible on the others (with Xbox being the logical exception except for cross-platform gameplay and saves) will be the big selling point that I see Apple and Google missing.

So it looks like Microsoft is starting to step up their game for Windows 10. They still have a ways to go before they’re considered the top dog of tech again.

Source: The Verge


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