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GTA Online Earns Over $60 Million from Microtransactions in First Three Months

gta-online-headerWell, we can criticize games with microtransactions all we want for being cash grabs but we can’t complain too much when they are very good games and very successful at grabbing cash.

Based on their recent third-quarter financial earnings report and an interview with MCV, it looks as though Grand Theft Auto Online’s microtransactions has brought in upwards of $66 million for publisher Rockstar Games and owners Take-Two Interactive.

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7 Best Games of the 7th Generation: Grand Theft Auto V

grand-theft-auto-v-headerI don’t think that I could do a list of the seven best games of the seventh console generation without including one game from this year. While a lot of our attention this year has been on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, 2013 has been a spectacular year for games. Any one of a few games are more than worthy of inclusion on this list.

From the class of 2013, the best swansong for the now last generation of consoles has to be Grand Theft Auto V.

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Crime Does Pay: The Real-World Price of Homes in GTA5

So Trevor’s trailer out in the desert away from Los Santos isn’t exactly the sort of place that you would show off but Michael and Franklin sure live in some pretty nice homes in Los Santos.

As anyone who games knows, the economics of a game is very different from the economics of real life. So how much would buying a house like the one’s featured in Grand Theft Auto V cost you? Our friends at Movato did some valuation work and came up with the multi-million dollar answer.


Building (Critical) Consensus: Grand Theft Auto V

grand-theft-auto-v-box-artI don’t know if you heard but there’s a game coming out today. Not at all important. Nobody is really interested in it. But I suppose there’s probably one, just one, reader of this blog who might be interested in reading more about Grand Theft Auto V. Let’s be honest, though. I think that the smallest of minorities are actually waiting on reviews to determine whether or not they buy this game. Me? I’m waiting for the PC release. I’d reckon that it’ll be out around the time the next-gen editions of GTA5 are out.

As expected, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive but we don’t expect anything less for Rockstar’s flagship franchise. In fact, as of writing, only The Escapist had a review lower than 90%. While they loved the gameplay, they had major issues with the three main characters and the script. GameSpot had similar script issues but still gave the game a 90%. Before you start spamming the reviewers, remember that reviews are subjective. Here we have two people with the same issues and very different scores. As long as they’re legitimately reviewing a game and not trolling for page views, their opinion is entirely fair. Like I said at the top, if you have issues with GTA’s content, you’ve already decided not to buy the game.

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