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GTA Online Earns Over $60 Million from Microtransactions in First Three Months

gta-online-headerWell, we can criticize games with microtransactions all we want for being cash grabs but we can’t complain too much when they are very good games and very successful at grabbing cash.

Based on their recent third-quarter financial earnings report and an interview with MCV, it looks as though Grand Theft Auto Online’s microtransactions has brought in upwards of $66 million for publisher Rockstar Games and owners Take-Two Interactive.

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West Coast Customs Builds GTA’s Banshee

gta5-wcc-banshee-headerIn the Grand Theft Auto games, the Banshee has a reputation for being one of the fastest cars in the game. It was only fitting considering that the two design templates used for the car since GTA3 were the Chevrolet Corvette and Dodge Viper.

Now, it’s not just a hot car circulating through the likes of Liberty City, Vice City and Los Santos. It can now be found on real streets after a one-off custom Banshee was built by famous car customizing shop West Coast Customs.

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