GTA Online Earns Over $60 Million from Microtransactions in First Three Months

gta-online-headerWell, we can criticize games with microtransactions all we want for being cash grabs but we can’t complain too much when they are very good games and very successful at grabbing cash.

Based on their recent third-quarter financial earnings report and an interview with MCV, it looks as though Grand Theft Auto Online’s microtransactions has brought in upwards of $66 million for publisher Rockstar Games and owners Take-Two Interactive.

In an interview with MCV UK, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said that “nearly half” of the company’s digital revenue from the third quarter of its fiscal year (ending March 31, 2014) was from microtransactions in GTA Online.

The third quarter financial earnings press release from Take-Two said that the company’s revenue from digital content was $132.8 million. With GTA Online representing almost half of that figure, the microtransaction revenue that GTAO earned could have been as high as $66 million.

If one was to dig into the numbers further, Take-Two says that 32.5 million copies of GTA5 have been sold with 70% of those players accessing GTA Online. That means those 22.75 million GTA Online players would have spent roughly $2.90 each. We don’t often get microtransaction data we can extrapolate that but if I was investing in Take-Two, I’d be quite happy with that number.

However, a number of gamers aren’t happy with the state of GTA Online, even after Rockstar got it running following its shaky launch. A quick skim of Reddit indicates that a number of features promised by Rockstar have yet to be fully implemented while others complained that the Online portion of the game just plain wasn’t fun.

Still, with EA loading microtransactions into just about everything (save the Titanfall beta) and Rockstar finding out how lucrative they can be, you have to wonder if every game is eventually going to come with microtransactions just to make some more money.

Sources: MCV, Yahoo Finance, /r/Games

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  1. I like how EA handled ME3’s multiplayer microtransactions; either you could pay for good stuff up front or play the game and accrue points for it later.
    Getting points made the game more fun for me. I only spent about $5-6 on the microtransactions, mostly because I had leftover PSN credit and couldn’t afford anything else.


  2. Microtransactions are one of my biggest gripes with the video game industry. It’s depressing how we can throw billions of dollars at companies like Rockstar, yet they still make use of microtransactions to get millions more out of us. I guess it’s just business though, and business seems pretty good. Good article, though. Thanks for sharing!

    -Patrick, of


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