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EA Access Coming to Origin on PC

origin-access-logoWhen EA announced their Access subscription gaming service on the Xbox One, everyone figured that it would be a matter of time before Electronic Arts brought it to PC. After all, they have their Origin game store and client whose one notable advantage over Steam is having EA exclusivity so it lags well behind Valve’s client and store in terms of user base and revenue.

This week, EA announced that their Access subscription service would in fact be coming to PC as Origin Access through their Origin platform.

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Is EA Spying On Your Computer Using Origin?

ea-origin-broken-logoPrivacy is a pretty important issue but many companies don’t seem to take the privacy of their customers and users as seriously as they do. The latest company accused of taking their customers’ privacy for granted is EA. Last weekend, a Reddit and Origin user discovered that EA’s Origin client was looking through the files on his computer.

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EA Launches Refunds for Origin Store Digital Downloads

ea-origin-bannerIt’s something we’ve been advocating for over the last few months and it looks like EA is going to be the first ones to make a move to improve game customer rights.

EA has announced that it will begin offering refunds on EA games purchased as digital downloads on Origin.

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EA Helps Charities with the Humble Origin Bundle

humble-origin-bundleJust when I was questioning the use of the Humble Bundle platform by big publishers, EA goes and turns everything on its head. And shockingly, EA is doing it for the best.

The latest Humble Bundle is a large offering of EA games which might I would have looked at rather cynically after the recent “humble” Deep Silver bundle. However, EA isn’t taking a penny with all of the proceeds of the Humble Origin Bundle going to charity and Humble Bundle.

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Indian Gamers Protest Big EA Price Hikes


Just when you thought that EA had turned a corner and was making amends for past transgressions, they turn around and piss off PC gamers in India. EA has changed their launch pricing for some of the most popular PC games that are due out in the fall. The result has seen the prices of some of EA’s biggest fall 2013 PC releases increase by 66% to 133% from prices last year.

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