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Titanfall 2 Not Part of EA Access Trial and Discount Program

titanfall-2-bannerVery quietly, EA has amended the terms of its EA / Origin Access programs on Xbox One and PC to make a major exclusion. EA has explicitly omitted Titanfall 2 from the EA / Origin Access program which means that the game won’t be available to Access subscribers prior to the game’s release in October.

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EA Access Coming to Origin on PC

origin-access-logoWhen EA announced their Access subscription gaming service on the Xbox One, everyone figured that it would be a matter of time before Electronic Arts brought it to PC. After all, they have their Origin game store and client whose one notable advantage over Steam is having EA exclusivity so it lags well behind Valve’s client and store in terms of user base and revenue.

This week, EA announced that their Access subscription service would in fact be coming to PC as Origin Access through their Origin platform.

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