EA Access Coming to Origin on PC

origin-access-logoWhen EA announced their Access subscription gaming service on the Xbox One, everyone figured that it would be a matter of time before Electronic Arts brought it to PC. After all, they have their Origin game store and client whose one notable advantage over Steam is having EA exclusivity so it lags well behind Valve’s client and store in terms of user base and revenue.

This week, EA announced that their Access subscription service would in fact be coming to PC as Origin Access through their Origin platform.

Origin Access will have the same perks as EA Access on the Xbox One. For $5 per month, gamers will have access to the EA Vault of games, get early access to EA games prior to their release for limited trials and 10% discounts on all games sold on Origin, including DLC and third-party games.

Reddit user NoNoveltyNeeded put together this comparison of the games that are being offered as part of Origin Access on PC to EA Access on Xbox One:

There are a few differences between the PC and Xbox One vaults that gamers can choose from. There are a number of EA Sports titles available on console but the Origin Vault only includes FIFA 15 as that’s the only PC game that EA Sports currently makes. The remainder of the PC vault seems to be making up the numbers difference. The other big difference if that only EA titles are available on the XB1 but PC includes This War of Mine which is a third-party title. Whether third-party titles will be a regular part of the product offerings on PC, if this is a one-time event or if this an ongoing plan, remains to be seen.

For those interested, you will need an internet connection to periodically confirm that your Origin Access subscription is still active. There’s also no official word as to whether something added to the Vault will be in there permanently or if there’s a rotation of games that removes games from the Vault or if removed will be accessible to those who have previously played it. These are important to those used to a certain level of service from PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold.

Origin Access would be an interested concept to me if I didn’t own 12 of the 15 games on the list. Perhaps it will be a better value proposition as we see how it evolves or is added to over time. For now, I’m taking a wait and see approach.

Source: Origin Access


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