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EA Helps Charities with the Humble Origin Bundle

humble-origin-bundleJust when I was questioning the use of the Humble Bundle platform by big publishers, EA goes and turns everything on its head. And shockingly, EA is doing it for the best.

The latest Humble Bundle is a large offering of EA games which might I would have looked at rather cynically after the recent “humble” Deep Silver bundle. However, EA isn’t taking a penny with all of the proceeds of the Humble Origin Bundle going to charity and Humble Bundle.

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EA Moves Dead Space Developers to a New IP

ea-visceral-gamesNews of Visceral Games’ demise may have been premature but it looks like news of the end of the Dead Space may not have been. In an interview at E3, EA Games Label vice president Patrick Soderlund says that the developer has been moved on to work on a new IP while Dead Space has been but on hiatus.

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Protect Yourself from the Space Zombie Apocalypse with Your Own Plasma Cutter

In addition to the unique necromorph killing mechanics of the Dead Space franchise, the games introduced some pretty unique weapons. The most iconic of these weapons is the plasma cutter, a mining tool that just happens to be very effective at dismembering the pesky space zombies.

Well, laser gadget aficionado Patrick Priebe has constructed his own plasma cutter for fun and use in any future zombie apocalypses. It pivots. It fires lasers. Short of taking the scythe-like arm off of a necromorph, it looks like the real deal.

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Reports Say Dead Space 4 Has Been Cancelled

dead-space-3-concept-art-01-isaac-clarkeDead Space 3 has been out all of a month but it looks like EA has seen enough from the sales figures to make a call about the series’ future. Reports say that Dead Space 3 failed to meet its sales targets so EA is pulling the plug on the series, including cancelling Dead Space 4 which Visceral Games already had in pre-production.

The rumour that DS4 has been cancelled is disappointing but apparently not a shock for people inside EA and Visceral Games. While the Dead Space series has been reasonably popular among gamers, it didn’t seem to have too many fans at the publisher. Read the rest of this entry

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