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Is EA Spying On Your Computer Using Origin?

ea-origin-broken-logoPrivacy is a pretty important issue but many companies don’t seem to take the privacy of their customers and users as seriously as they do. The latest company accused of taking their customers’ privacy for granted is EA. Last weekend, a Reddit and Origin user discovered that EA’s Origin client was looking through the files on his computer.

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New Facebook App Feature Activates Your Phone’s Mic When You Post

facebook-mobileJust when you thought that Facebook had reached the height of privacy invading evil, they find a new trick to make you think that they may be worse than the NSA. A recent Facebook mobile app update includes a hidden little feature that activates your phones microphone when you’re writing a post, listens to what’s going on the room and includes what you’re up to in your post.

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Canadian Mobile Phone Companies to Provide Government Access to Data

mobile-phone-data-privacy-headerIt’s not just the NSA and the United States government that are monitoring your data. Ahead of this week’s wireless airwave license auction, the Canadian government has required all phone companies bidding to agree to allow the government access to data transmitted on their networks, including the monitoring of phone calls.

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