Backlash to The Crew 30 FPS Confirmation Leaves Ubi Scrambling for 60 FPS on PC

the-crew-headerBack when I took a look at the first closed beta for The Crew, I noted that the framerate was locked to 30 FPS on PC but I figured that it would make 60 frames per second by the time we get to the game’s full release in November. Of course, I would be wrong. An Ubisoft representative confirmed that The Crew will be released at 30 FPS only for that same rep to quickly backtrack and say they’re aiming for 60 FPS.

Every now and then, Ubisoft comes out and says that they will support PC gamers better than previously. The result of these promises is that the PC ports are marginally better than before but still pretty poor in terms of optimization and options. Just look at the drama over the PC port of Watch Dogs and TheWorse mod.

So no one was really surprised when Ubisoft community manager Valentin mentioned on the official Ubisoft forums that The Crew would be locked at 30 FPS on all platforms. That’s not just the PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 which would have been expected given that none of the current-gen consoles.

While I find a 30 FPS frame cap for v-sync a pain in the arse since most monitors aren’t 30 FPS any more, The Crew isn’t just v-sync locking at 30 FPS. The Crew will be locked at 30 FPS. Valentin says that the decision is made to make the “optimal experience for all players.” The framerate can be modified in the PCScalability.xml file but it “may affect the game’s performance.”

After massive outlash to the 30 FPS cap ON PC announcement, Ubisoft quickly ninja’d in this update:

“We can officially say that we’re aiming for 60FPS on PC at launch. Our Beta build is still more performant at 30FPS, but you can expect to play at 60FPS on PC when the game is launched.”

Whether this actually means that we’ll get The Crew at 60 FPS and functional at 60 FPS in November remains to be seen but why would they let someone confirm a 30 FPS cap only to quickly change their mind later. At the very least, this indicates that Ubisoft is willing to listen to its fans even if they shouldn’t have needed the fans to tell them that this was a terrible idea.

Source: Ubisoft Forum


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