MIT Offering Course on Reddit

reddit-education-headerOne of the terrible things about being a business student in university is that it’s apparently such a theory-intensive major that you have no time for electives. Sure, I had a little bit of leeway for picking my Arts & Humanities and Science credits but I never had anything as interesting as MIT had.

Students at the legendary school can now study Reddit in a course that’s appropriately called “Credit For Reddit.”

The course isn’t about posting memes, finding the best cat pictures and writing gold worthy comments. Students will examine what makes the website so successful and such a cultural phenomenon and compare it with other popular social media sites.

Course instructor Chris Peterson noted that there is a lot more than the study of social media in the course. More big picture subjects such as groupthink, crowdfunding and social power dynamics will be covered in the course which makes sense because how can you understand how Reddit works without understanding the underlying sociological and psychological principles upon which it’s based.

If you’re an MIT student and interested in getting a credit for Reddit, the course will be offered in the spring. If only I was smart enough and rich enough to get into MIT.

Source: Geek, Vice


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