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GameStop Updating Trade-In Program and Offering More Money

gamestop-logoGameStop catches a lot of flack for their used games trade-in program. Most people feel that the scheme gives sellers too little money compared to what GameStop is able to resell them for. When you take a look at the setup of the program, you can see that it’s geared very specifically to keep money inside GameStop’s “ecosystem” and throws a whole bunch of qualifiers at clerks and customers to do so.

Now, GameStop’s overhauling their trade-in scheme. It simplifies all the variables that affect the price sellers get and increasing the base price for reselling a game by 20%.

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GameStop Accused of Reprinting and Raising the Price of Xenoblade Chronicles

xenoblade-chronicles-headerThe one critically acclaimed Wii game that almost no one you know has been able to get a copy of is Xenoblade Chronicles. That’s because the game had a fairly limited print run and was only available through GameStop and Nintendo stores.

This week, mysteriously, GameStop stores seem to have been innundated with used copies of Xenoblade Chronicles and are selling them for $90 each. The problem is that people are accusing GameStop of shady practices saying that they aren’t actually used copies but reprints being passed off as used to justify selling copies at higher than the original $50 price.

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An Animated Examination of Microsoft’s Xbox One-80 DRM Change

Taiwanese animation producer NMA, or Next Media Animation if you’re more formal, have a unique way of explaining news. I’m not sure I’ve seen a more accurate, or more colourful, way of explaining Microsoft removing DRM from the Xbox One but NMA has it covered. Personally, I think their depiction of the Xbone isn’t too far off the mark.

Microsoft Removes Xbox One DRM

xbox-one-logo-bannerAfter taking a PR battering over 24-hour online check-in, used games restrictions, contradictory explanations of their policies and seemingly mocking people who didn’t like the Xbox One’s policies, Microsoft is performing an about-face on their established DRM policies.

A post on the Xbox website said that Microsoft was backtracking on the DRM and used games restrictions that nearly derailed the Xbox One in this console generation before it started.

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Update on the PlayStation 4’s Used Games Policy…

We’ve updated our post on the PlayStation 4’s used games DRM policy. Sony says that they won’t allow online passes to be used to restrict the functionality of used games. The post has been updated to reflect this clarification.

E3 2013: PlayStation 4 Won’t Allow Online Passes (Updated)

UPDATE: Scott Rohde, software product development boss for Sony Worldwide Studios America, has spoken to Gamasutra and explicitly said that “we’re not going to allow online pass.” DRM was off, then on, now off again. The title of the article has been updated to reflect this new information with the original article following.

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