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Blizzard Closes the Diablo III Auction House

diablo-iii-auction-house-bannerThe gavel has banged for the final time in the controversial Diablo III auction house. The feature, whose addition was blamed for Diablo 3 having an always-online requirement, was closed on Tuesday ahead of next week’s launch of the Reaper of Souls DLC.

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EA Planning to Only Allow Visual Mods in SimCity

simcity-headerSimCity 4 has long had a healthy modding community. The game might be ten years old but modders were still making new content for the game into this year, even with the release of this year’s SimCity. This is thanks in part to a fairly open attitude toward modding by Maxis.

However, EA isn’t planning to be as open to full-scale modding when it comes to SimCity 2013. The first draft of their user-generated content (modding) guidelines are going to put some tight limits on what modders can do.

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Xbox One’s Cancelled Family Sharing Was a One Hour Demo

xbox-one-ownership-is-so-last-genWhile Microsoft eliminating the DRM on the Xbox One can only be seen as a good thing, it wasn’t all positives to come from that. The elimination of the online check-ins and mandatory installation of games resulted in the elimination of the family share program which was considered one of the bright spots of the upcoming console.

However, the might have been for the best. Reports indicate that the Family Share program wasn’t actually going to allow you to share full games with your 10 family members on Xbox Live. It was going to let you play the game in hour-long chunks rather than the whole game.

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An Animated Examination of Microsoft’s Xbox One-80 DRM Change

Taiwanese animation producer NMA, or Next Media Animation if you’re more formal, have a unique way of explaining news. I’m not sure I’ve seen a more accurate, or more colourful, way of explaining Microsoft removing DRM from the Xbox One but NMA has it covered. Personally, I think their depiction of the Xbone isn’t too far off the mark.

Microsoft Removes Xbox One DRM

xbox-one-logo-bannerAfter taking a PR battering over 24-hour online check-in, used games restrictions, contradictory explanations of their policies and seemingly mocking people who didn’t like the Xbox One’s policies, Microsoft is performing an about-face on their established DRM policies.

A post on the Xbox website said that Microsoft was backtracking on the DRM and used games restrictions that nearly derailed the Xbox One in this console generation before it started.

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Update on the PlayStation 4’s Used Games Policy…

We’ve updated our post on the PlayStation 4’s used games DRM policy. Sony says that they won’t allow online passes to be used to restrict the functionality of used games. The post has been updated to reflect this clarification.

E3 2013: PlayStation 4 Won’t Allow Online Passes (Updated)

UPDATE: Scott Rohde, software product development boss for Sony Worldwide Studios America, has spoken to Gamasutra and explicitly said that “we’re not going to allow online pass.” DRM was off, then on, now off again. The title of the article has been updated to reflect this new information with the original article following.

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