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Report Suggests that ESPN and Riot Games are in Talks for LCS TV Broadcast Deal

espn-league-of-legends-headerWith the explosion in popularity of eSports viewership worldwide, people have been wondering if eSports will make the jump to TV. We’ve seen ESPN take an interest in major eSports competitions of late with broadcasts of The International and Heroes of the Dorm on ESPN2 with the League of Legends World Championship streamed on ESPN3 along with a newly-founded eSports news division.

Now, a report from PVP Live suggests that ESPN’s presence in the eSports community could expand. They’re reporting that Riot Games and ESPN have been talking about a TV broadcast deal for LCS.

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Riot Unveils Fantasy LCS

fantasy-lcs-beta-headerGrowing up and even to this day, it seems as though more people are interested in their fantasy sport teams than their favourite teams and players. Loyalty is nice but nothing grabs people’s attention like competition with friends and random folks on the internet.

Riot Games are trying to cash in on the popularity of fantasy sports by launching their own fantasy eSport. Starting this summer and currently in beta, Riot is launching Fantasy LCS for summoners who might make a better team manager than team member.

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