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It’s Shatner vs. The Gorn: Round 2 for Star Trek: The Video Game

Captain James T. Kirk is back to help sell the upcoming Star Trek: The Video Game and he’s brought along an old friend. No, I’m not talking about Chris Pine’s Kirk from the rebooted Star Trek helmed by director J.J. Abrams, though that’s the time period in which the new game is set. In the latest Star Trek: The Video Game promo, William Shatner is back and battling his old nemesis, the Gorn. Sadly, no flying drop kick.

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The New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Features More Cumberbatch, Plot

We’ve gotten plenty of trailers for this summer’s reboot sequel Star Trek Into Darkness but, for the first time, we have some clues as to the plot of the movie.

The newly released international trailer for Into Darkness gives a bit more insight into Benedict Cumberbatch’s still nameless character and how Kirk and the Enterprise get involved.

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There is No Conflict: Star Trek Director J.J. Abrams to Helm Star Wars Episode VII

george-lucas-jj-abramsDespite previously saying that he declined any involvement in the next Star Wars trilogy, reports say that J.J. Abrams will add the title of director of the first movie of the new Star Wars trilogy to director of the rebooted Star Trek franchise.

In December, Abrams told Empire Magazine that there were some early discussions but he didn’t go forward with discussions over directing one of the upcoming movies because of his loyalty to Star Wars. Because of the friendly rivalry between Star Trek and Star Wars fans, it’s interesting that one director would helm both franchises. Read the rest of this entry

A Cheat Sheet to Track Who Does What In Star Trek

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise that I’m a Star Trek fan. Chances are you’ll be a big sci-fi fan when you write a geek culture blog. Anyhow, since we have the second movie in J.J. Abrams rebooted Star Trek franchise coming out in May, I thought you might enjoy this chart that track who performs the various roles in the various Star Trek series. (more…)

Star Trek TNG Season Two Gag Reel Features Worf Laughs Galore

The gag reel produced for the Second Season Blu-Ray collection includes a number of highlights including laughs with Lt. Worf, intimate moments with Commander Riker (and his beard), Data having some un-android moments and Captain Picard having trouble with doors. Who doesn’t love a good blooper reel?

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