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Critics Corner: Dark Souls II

dark-souls-ii-headerWhat happens when the most hyped game of the generation (so far) is beaten out on critical acclaim by the sequel to a mercilessly difficult cult hit? Well, I doubt it’ll lead it to being a sales blockbuster like the most triple of triple-As but I’d imagine that the critical acclaim of Dark Souls and Dark Souls II along with the praise from gamers would result in more copies of DS2 ending up in consoles than DS1.

While there was some talk about making Dark Souls 2 friendlier for new players, that doesn’t mean that the game is easier than its predecessor. There is more clear language in what various weapons and abilities do but that doesn’t make the game a cakewalk. Other than that and a little work on exposition, if you loved the first Dark Souls, chances are you’re coming right back for more.

But enough of what I have to say. Here’s what the critics think of Dark Souls II.

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It’s Shatner vs. The Gorn: Round 2 for Star Trek: The Video Game

Captain James T. Kirk is back to help sell the upcoming Star Trek: The Video Game and he’s brought along an old friend. No, I’m not talking about Chris Pine’s Kirk from the rebooted Star Trek helmed by director J.J. Abrams, though that’s the time period in which the new game is set. In the latest Star Trek: The Video Game promo, William Shatner is back and battling his old nemesis, the Gorn. Sadly, no flying drop kick.

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