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Simon Pegg’s Infamous Star Trek Neutron Cream Prank

If you’re getting the standard retail or Target exclusive DVD/Blu-Ray releases of Star Trek Into Darkness, you’ll miss out on one of the funnier moments on the STID set. Okay, if you buy any of the DVD/Blu-Ray releases, you’re going to be missing out but that’s beside the point here.

In a bonus featurette available only to those who buy the Best Buy exclusive Blu-Ray, Simon Pegg pulls his infamous neutron cream prank on the cast of the movie. So you don’t give those greedy bastards more money than you have to, here’s that featurette on YouTube.



Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-Ray Limits Bonus Features to Certain Retailers

star-trek-into-darkness-headerWith video games frequently having retailer or console exclusive content, it was only a matter of time before other products borrowed that model. The first one to do that in movies will be next week’s release of Star Trek Into Darkness on Blu-Ray which will spread features across three different retailers.

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Everything Wrong with Abrams’ Star Trek

With Star Trek Into Darkness (which inexplicably doesn’t have a colon in the title) coming out tomorrow, what better time is there to look at everything wrong with 2009’s Star Trek reboot.

Kirk Needs a Bigger Ship in the Latest Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

The third Star Trek Into Darkness trailer brings us a little less Cumberbatch and a lot more Kirk as we finally get to see a bit more of what the crew of the Enterprise is up against.

In the last trailer, Cumberbatch came off as smarter and more charismatic than Kirk. Now, Cumberbatch comes off as a bit crazier and much scarier thanks to his massive ship with epic armaments. Kirk looks to be in over his head and has gotten his ship in and crew into some pretty deep shit.

Star Trek Into Darkness is hits theatres on May 17th.

The New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Features More Cumberbatch, Plot

We’ve gotten plenty of trailers for this summer’s reboot sequel Star Trek Into Darkness but, for the first time, we have some clues as to the plot of the movie.

The newly released international trailer for Into Darkness gives a bit more insight into Benedict Cumberbatch’s still nameless character and how Kirk and the Enterprise get involved.

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