Riot Unveils Fantasy LCS

fantasy-lcs-beta-headerGrowing up and even to this day, it seems as though more people are interested in their fantasy sport teams than their favourite teams and players. Loyalty is nice but nothing grabs people’s attention like competition with friends and random folks on the internet.

Riot Games are trying to cash in on the popularity of fantasy sports by launching their own fantasy eSport. Starting this summer and currently in beta, Riot is launching Fantasy LCS for summoners who might make a better team manager than team member.

You can create or join a league that has four, six or eight teams. The leagues start with a draft that sees you draft ten players and teams to make up your roster. You have seven starters for each week: One player for each position, a flex player and an LCS team. The remainder of the team is your alternates who do not earn points. To keep one team from stacking the deck in their favour in the draft, only two players for each position are allowed on your team.

Fantasy LCS team managers set their lineup at the start of each week and can add or drop players from their team and starting roster. Each week, you take that team into battle with an opposing team in a head-to-head battle with the team scoring the most points that week winning. Points are earned for kills, assists, CS, buffs, towers and more.

As of writing, entries are limited because of overwhelming demand. League creation, signups and drafts have been suspended temporarily but Riot is working on opening them back up.

Riot’s Fantasy LCS isn’t the first eSports fantasy league and not even the first League of Legends fantasy league. It’s strength and success will be due to the fact that it’s the official fantasy league of the people behind the game and league. Getting in early on fantasy eSports will help Riot’s Fantasy LCS succeed where many other sports leagues have failed with their own fantasy sports attempt.

Just out of curiosity, would anybody be interested in me setting up a fantasy eSports league? It doesn’t necessarily have to be Fantasy LCS but could be ESL’s fantasy league or elsewhere that you know of.

Source: Fantasy LCS


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