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Robert Downey Jr. Signs on for Captain America 3

captain-america-shield-headerRemember those short-lived rumours that Robert Downey Jr. wanted to leave the Marvel film universe so he could work on other projects? They didn’t seem to last long did they?

If you’re a fan of RDJ as Tony Stark / Iron Man, he won’t be leaving any time soon. Downey has signed up for two more Marvel films after his current deal which runs through Avengers: Age of Ultron. He’ll be back for The Avengers 3 and get a big role in Captain America 3.

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Yes, RDJ Owns a Flying Iron Man Suit

He might not be Tony Stark but I don’t think that means that Robert Downey Jr. is any less cool than Tony Stark. As a gift for wrapping Avengers, RDJ’s staff got him a custom-built life-size R/C flying Iron Man suit. Okay, it’s not an actual suit of armor but I think that’s still pretty cool.

Everything Wrong with Iron Man

I’m sure most of you have seen one of Cinema Sin‘s many videos about sins in modern movies. Their latest video happens to be about a movie that has a sequel coming out today. It’s everything wrong with Iron Man in four minutes.

The Cost of Being Iron Man (Infographic)

Iron Man 3 debuts in theatres this weekend in Canada and America. If you were basically anywhere else in the world, you’re a week ahead of us so no spoilers.

While Iron Man 3 is expected to be one of the biggest movies of the summer, the gross box office revenue isn’t going to be enough to pay for you to be Tony Stark. In fact, you’re likely to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of 90% short on funds based on the latest analysis of the cost of being Iron Man.


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