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Robert Downey Jr. Signs on for Captain America 3

captain-america-shield-headerRemember those short-lived rumours that Robert Downey Jr. wanted to leave the Marvel film universe so he could work on other projects? They didn’t seem to last long did they?

If you’re a fan of RDJ as Tony Stark / Iron Man, he won’t be leaving any time soon. Downey has signed up for two more Marvel films after his current deal which runs through Avengers: Age of Ultron. He’ll be back for The Avengers 3 and get a big role in Captain America 3.

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Sam Wilson, The Falcon, to Take Over as Captain America

captain-america-sam-wilsonFor 73 years, Steve Rogers has been protecting America and leading the Avengers. That’s come to an end (for now) in Captain America #21. With Steve’s Captaining days having come to an end, he needs a replacement to take up the shield. To do so, Marvel has called in one of his sidekicks, Sam Wilson, The Falcon, to take over as Captain America.

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How Much Would It Cost To Be Captain America?

With Captain America: Winter Soldier coming out this week, the internet’s occasional hobby of figuring out how much it would cost to be a superhero has come up again. This time, it’s about how much it costs to make Steve Rogers into Captain America. Unlike fellow Avenger, Iron Man (AKA Tony Stark), the Captain doesn’t have a lot of high-tech gadgets. In fact, apart from lab costs to make the serum and the materials cost for the shield, just about anyone could afford to be Captain America.

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