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BioShock Infinite Barbershop Quartet Cosplayers Sing “God Only Knows”

There’s cosplaying and then there’s cosplaying. While you’re used to seeing people dressed up in elaborate costumes as the stars of video games, sometimes, it’s the people playing smaller parts that do it absolutely perfectly.

Take, for example, this foursome from Playground Zero Presents who not only dressed as BioShock Infinite’s barbershop quartet but also sang God Only Knows. I’d say that these guys were probably the best cosplayers at PAX East.


This GLaDOS Cosplay is the Best You’ll Ever See

glados-cosplay-athena-coleIf you’ve been to a convention, you’ve probably seen a cosplayer or two as GLaDOS. Usually, they turn out roughly the same. A black and/or white bodysuit with a GLaDOS mask.

Cosplayer Athena Cole, also known as the cosplayer Enayla, took her GLaDOS cosplay at PAX to the next level. She spent four hours suspended by wires to cosplay as the villain of the Portal series.

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I’m Commander Shepard and This is My Favourite Cosplay at Dragon Con

I saw some pretty good Mass Effect cosplay at Fan Expo (including FemShep, Zaeed, Kaiden and Ashley grabbing dinner at Chipotle) but it was nothing compared to the scores of folks in amazing Mass Effect cosplay at Dragon Con.

This gathering of Mass Effect fans included a volus and Blasto the hanar Spectre on the right side of the picture, Dr. Chakwas on the far left and Mark Meer and Rana McAnear up front as Shepard and Morinth. That doesn’t mention the scads of other Shepards, Talis, Liaras, EDIs, Mirandas and more who dressed up for Dragon Con.


The Most Mind-Blowing Mass Effect Cosplay Ever

Okay, short of getting Mark Vanderloo, the actual model for BroShep, to cosplay as Commander Shepard, this is the most mind-blowing bit of Mass Effect cosplay you’ll ever see. It’s the voice of Commander Shepard, Mark Meer, cosplaying as Commander Shepard with the face of Samara and Morinth, Rana McAnear. I told you that it was pretty mind-blowing.


Via Soul Fire Photography.

Watch How A Cosplayer Becomes Commander Shepard

In their ongoing video series highlighting cosplayers, games developer Red 5 Studios examines how cosplayer Crystal Graziano built her Commander Shepard outfit. The video goes through which materials Crystal selected and some of the design and construction process that went into making her FemShep.

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