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Portal Board Game Coming This Fall

portal-board-gameBeing a big Portal fan and a big board game fan, I think this news is the sort of thing that combines the best of both worlds to make the best news ever. A design team at Valve has partnered up with board game company Cryptozoic Entertainment to make Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game.

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GLaDOS Explains Nuclear Fusion and Nuclear Fission for NASA

When you need an artificial intelligence to put in charge of some important science, you’re going to want Aperture Science’s Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, also known as GLaDOS. Sure, some people might consider her evil but she is dedicated to the scientific cause. And I think we can put our differences behind us… for science… you monster.

In this video, GLaDOS explains the differences between nuclear fusion and nuclear fission to two NASA IT techs.

7 Best Games of the 7th Generation: The Orange Box

the-orange-box-headerAfter seven weeks, our list of the seven best games of the seventh generation of video game consoles comes to a close. While many, many great games aren’t making such a short list of great games, I think that this game won’t get too much of an argument for making it over other deserving

When a game picks up scads of awards, everyone takes notice. But how good is a company that can make multiple games, ship them in a bundle and garner accolades and win awards for each of them? That’s exactly what Valve did when they put Half-Life 2, HL2: Episodes 1 & 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal into one award-winning package called The Orange Box.

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This GLaDOS Cosplay is the Best You’ll Ever See

glados-cosplay-athena-coleIf you’ve been to a convention, you’ve probably seen a cosplayer or two as GLaDOS. Usually, they turn out roughly the same. A black and/or white bodysuit with a GLaDOS mask.

Cosplayer Athena Cole, also known as the cosplayer Enayla, took her GLaDOS cosplay at PAX to the next level. She spent four hours suspended by wires to cosplay as the villain of the Portal series.

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