Comcast Named Worst Company in America, Celebrates by Merging with TWC

comcast-worst-company-in-america-2014Timing is everything, especially in irony. Yesterday, Comcast was announced as the winner of The Consumerist’s annual Worst Company in America poll. On that same day, they filed their paperwork with the Federal Communications Commission to begin the process of merging with Time Warner Cable.

This is actually the second Golden Poo award for being the Worst Company in America for Comcast. They first won the award in 2010 and picking up their second win makes them only the second company to win multiple Golden Poos. This win was powered home by the usual poor service along with an anti-net neutrality slant as evidenced by getting Netflix to pay for people to be able to watch them on Comcast internet, lobbying politicians to grow through the NBC Universal acquisition and now their planned merger with TWC to become bigger (and likely worse).

And that merger is officially in the works now that Comcast and Time Warner have filed the required paper work with the FCC and the US Department of Justice to get the merger process going. It’s a well-known fact that Comcast has a well paid army of lobbyists, including a former FCC Commissioner, which will help them get this merger authorized by regulators and lawmakers, even if their customers don’t think it’s a good thing.

From my own experience with regional monopolies in Canada, I feel bad for anyone that would have to deal with the service of a combined Comcast/TWC company. I’m very dissatisfied with my ISP/cable provider and they cover 20% of the Canadian population by my rough estimate. A company with a bigger monopoly with less incentive to care when customers already feel they don’t care makes this a recipe for disaster.

Source: BGR (1), The Consumerist, BGR (2)


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