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Comcast Named Worst Company in America, Celebrates by Merging with TWC

comcast-worst-company-in-america-2014Timing is everything, especially in irony. Yesterday, Comcast was announced as the winner of The Consumerist’s annual Worst Company in America poll. On that same day, they filed their paperwork with the Federal Communications Commission to begin the process of merging with Time Warner Cable.

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EA Eliminated in First Round of 2014 Worst Company in America Poll

worst-company-in-america-2014-headerThe two-time reigning and defending Golden Poo winner as Consumerist’s Worst Company in America won’t be scoring the three-peat. Electronic Arts was bounced from the 2014 Worst Company tournament after suffering a close first round exit at the hands of Time Warner Cable.

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The 2013 Worst Company in America Tournament is Underway


With the start of the NCAA Men’s Basketball championship tournament, also known as March Madness, comes a deluge of bracket tournaments to determine the winner of every competition imaginable. One of the more noteworthy is The Consumerist’s bracket to determine the Worst Company in America.

We gamers might have heard of this because the Mass Effect 3 ending and day-one DLC controversies powered EA to victory last year. Well, the tournament is underway for 2013 and EA is in with another chance to repeat.

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