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Doctor Who Leaves US Netflix, BBC Likely to Launch Streaming Service

doctor-who-thirteen-doctors-headerIf you woke up on Monday and noticed something missing from your Netflix queue, you’re probably not alone. On February 1st, Doctor Who left Netflix in the US and rumours suggest that the BBC will soon be announcing their own streaming service which will see Doctor Who as one of its featured exclusives.

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Netflix Adding 4K Streaming for an Extra $3 per Month

netflix-logo-headerNetflix is looking to expand their 4K viewing offerings but it’s not going to come solely out of their own pockets. After launching the most recent season of House of Cards in 4K, Netflix will now be charging a premium to access 4K content. The popular TV and movie streaming site will now require a $11.99 premium subscription.

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Netflix Paying Comcast for More “Direct Access” to Customers

comcast-netflix-logosWell, it looks like the first internet service provider to blink on net neutrality isn’t Verizon but Comcast. Comcast announced a deal with Netflix that allows Comcast customers more direct access to Netflix servers. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix is paying for that more direct access to their customers.

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Netflix Scores the Greatest Customer Service Win of All-Time

Wait, it’s possible to have a good customer service experience? Somebody should have told that to United Airlines before they left me stranded overnight for the second time on my vacation a couple of years back and Telus before they hung up on me while I waited for help with a tech issue.

Imgur user normanh found out that not all experiences with customer services reps are painful after contacting Netflix. The resulting conversation might be the best customer service experience in recorded history.


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