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Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Re-Released on PC, Still Broken

batman-arkham-knight-headerIt’s been four months since its release and hasty withdrawal from sale but Batman: Arkham Knight is back on sale. The final part of Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham trilogy was such an unmitigated disaster on PC that it was withdrawn from sale and subject to an unconditional refund through Steam.

After nearly four months of work, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment has re-released Arkham Knight. And they almost instantly extended the unconditional refund availability to a deadline of the end of 2015. Yes, it’s still fairly broken.

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Rocksteady Studios is Back with Batman: Arkham Knight

batman-arkham-knight-bannerJust when you thought that WB Games Montreal’s buggy and derivative Batman: Arkham Origins destroyed the Batman: Arkham franchise, the developer you need, rather than the developer you deserve, returns.

It hasn’t been a secret that Rocksteady was still working on projects for WB Games. It turns out that their next game is another entry into the Arkham franchise with Batman: Arkham Knight.

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