Rocksteady Studios is Back with Batman: Arkham Knight

batman-arkham-knight-bannerJust when you thought that WB Games Montreal’s buggy and derivative Batman: Arkham Origins destroyed the Batman: Arkham franchise, the developer you need, rather than the developer you deserve, returns.

It hasn’t been a secret that Rocksteady was still working on projects for WB Games. It turns out that their next game is another entry into the Arkham franchise with Batman: Arkham Knight.

The announcement of Arkham Knight was supposed to be a Game Informer magazine exclusive story for their April issue but as rumours and retail listings about Arkham Knight popped up, the bat was let out of the bag. Game Informer still does claim that they’ll have a month of exclusive news about the game on their website (which is a practice that I could complain about but there are pros and cons from a journalistic perspective that could take up a very lengthy column).

Arkham Knight is a sequel to Rocksteady’s previous game Arkham City. More of Gotham City will be introduced as part of this game as well as streets designed to accommodate the big new game mechanic. BAK will see the introduction of a playable Batmobile to the franchise for the first time. How it will be integrated and what it will do remains to be scene but since it’s on the Game Informer cover, I’d imagine that it will play a large role.

While the last two Arkham games have focused on The Joker, Knight will feature a villainous team that includes Scarecrow, The Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn. There’s no word on voice actors yet but I’m hoping for some more voices from Batman: The Animated Series to make an appearance.

Enough of me nattering. Here’s the trailer.

Batman: Arkham Knight is for an October release with GameStop listing its North American release as October 14th. It’s expected to be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

I should also note that Arkham Knight is the last game in Rocksteady’s Arkham trilogy. It’s unlikely that WB Game is going to let the franchise go away after this fall. They already had WB Games Montreal try their hand at an Arkham game with Arkham Origins. While that game was a critical dud, I doubt that’s going to deter anyone from trying again.


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