IGN Review Logic

I know more than one person does the reviews at IGN but I still like to have a laugh at box quotes proven wrong. Battlefield 4 promoted itself with an IGN quote saying that it blew CoD: Ghosts out of the water. Then the actual reviews come out and…

By the way, BF4’s current-gen console score was only 8.0/10. That’s an even bigger win for CoD.

Source: /r/gaming


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  1. I laughed at that quote, reading what you think. Looking at it from a different perspective is what did battlefield do better at. Was the graphics so better on battlefield that cod suffered?
    I believe the cod game play probably took more of the score than battlefield’s graphics.

    Battlefield took a risk in its marketing, and it looks like if the audience is like us reads more into it, then the risk failed.


  2. Further evidence that all FPS’s are esentially the same game.

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