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Ubisoft Employee Says Publishers Want PC Games Downgraded to Console Visuals

the-division-headerWhen the retail version of Watch Dogs was released in May, many people accused Ubisoft of downgrading the visuals from the E3 2012 reveal trailer for two reasons. Some said that Ubisoft basically lied about the capability of next-gen consoles with their original gameplay video. The second accusation was that Ubisoft downgraded the PC versions visuals to keep the visuals in line with that of those next-gen consoles.

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Watch Dogs Mod Brings Graphics to E3 2012 Levels

watch-dogs-theworse-mod-screenshot-01For all the talk that the E3 2012 teaser for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was a complete lie after the graphical downgrade for the game’s retail release, it turns out that it may not have been a lie at all. Well, at least not completely.

Watch Dogs hasn’t been out three weeks but an early version of a mod has been released for the PC version of Watch Dogs that reintroduces the graphical tricks that made the original Watch Dogs videos look so amazing. What’s the most shocking is that the files needed for the mod were included with the game all along.

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Critics Corner: Watch Dogs

watch_dogs-headerI’m not a fan hyperbolic hashtags but since it was announced, Watch Dogs has had enough #hype that it easily trumps the amount of hype that Titanfall had behind it. This game had a solid two years of hype from the initial announcement to buzz over next-gen level graphics, the release date announcement and subsequent delays. For these last two years, Watch Dogs has been held up as the gold standard for next-gen gaming. It was hyped as the first must-own game of this generation of consoles. Well, it might have been if it hadn’t been pushed back six months.

Watch Dogs is the second of this month’s releases that I saw in action at Fan Expo. Trust me when I say that Watch Dogs needed the time to fix it. There were clipping issues with bridges. The framerate was a bit wobbly. And the controls looked a little sluggish. Of course, that was just one tiny vertical slice that I saw nine months ago.

Did the extra six months of polish time make Watch Dogs worth the #hype? Let’s see what the critics think.

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Ubisoft Gives Press Members Tablets at a Watch Dogs Event. Who Can We Trust Now?

watch-dogs-atm-headerI’ve talked about the bought and paid for reputation of games news reporting before on the blog. However, not everyone in the industry has gotten the growing message that readers and viewers are increasingly concerned about the ethics of games reporting.

The latest example is from a recent press event held by Ubisoft in Paris for Watch Dogs. At the event, the attending invited press members were given free Google Nexus 7 tablets.

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Watch Dogs Trademark Reinstated After Fraudulent Abandonment

watch-dogs-bannerJust four days after it was abandoned, Ubisoft’s trademark of Watch Dogs with the United States Patent and Trademark Office was reinstated after a petition for reinstatement was granted and upheld by the Director of the USPTO.

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Ubisoft Loses Watch Dogs Trademark to “Fraudulent” Abandonment Request

UPDATE: The trademark has been reinstated.

Ubisoft is finding itself in a rather unusual position just a few months away from the anticipated release of their new franchise, Watch Dogs. It seems as though the publisher has abandoned the trademark for the upcoming game but Ubisoft bosses claim that the abandonment of the trademark was not of their doing and that the game is still going to come out.

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Watch Dogs Delayed to Spring 2014

watch-dogs-bannerOne of the most hotly anticipated games of the fall and what was expected to be the starting point of a new anchor franchise for Ubisoft has been pushed back by a few months.

Yesterday, Ubisoft made the surprise announcement that Watch Dogs would be delayed until the spring of 2014 to ensure that the game met their quality standards.

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Your Body May Be Ready but is Your PC Ready for Next-Gen Games?

glorious-pc-gaming-master-race-headerWhen we last checked up on the state of next-gen gaming, we found out that PS4 exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall would be a 50 GB digital download. Now, we have some of the minimum specs for the PC versions of some next-gen games. If you use a slightly dated laptop as your main PC gaming rig, you’re definitely in need of a major upgrade.

Recently, we’ve seen the official announcement of minimum and recommended specs for three major triple-A releases this fall and they’re not going to go easy on your rig.

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