Simon Pegg’s Infamous Star Trek Neutron Cream Prank

If you’re getting the standard retail or Target exclusive DVD/Blu-Ray releases of Star Trek Into Darkness, you’ll miss out on one of the funnier moments on the STID set. Okay, if you buy any of the DVD/Blu-Ray releases, you’re going to be missing out but that’s beside the point here.

In a bonus featurette available only to those who buy the Best Buy exclusive Blu-Ray, Simon Pegg pulls his infamous neutron cream prank on the cast of the movie. So you don’t give those greedy bastards more money than you have to, here’s that featurette on YouTube.


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  1. hey, just thought i’d let you know that the video isn’t there anymore


    • Thanks for the heads up. Fortunately, I was able to find another copy (is that the right term) of the video on YouTube. I can understand why Paramount would copyright claim that video but I won’t let them get away with their DLC for DVD BS.


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