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StarCraft ProLeague and Five Top StarCraft Teams Disbanded

starcraft-2-proleagueThe longest active StarCraft competition has come to an end. KeSPA has announced that the StarCraft ProLeague, a Korean team-based league that started in 2003 with Brood War and ran for fourteen years, would discontinue operations effective immediately. This announcement was made simultaneous with the announcement that five top Korean SC2 teams would also disband effective immediately.

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The Full Lineup for IEM Toronto is Announced

iem-toronto-bannerThe first visit of ESL’s StarCraft II flagship series to Canada looks to have nothing short of an all-star lineup. We already looked at the twelve qualifiers and invitees to IEM Toronto which includes seven of the top ten players in the World Championship Series points standings.

With a week until the tournament starts, IEM and ESL announced the group drawings for the tournament and the sixteen participants in the Dual Tournaments for the last four spots in the Round of 16. The lineup is one of the most stacked tournaments of the year outside of the WCS and a must-watch for SC2 fans.

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Intel Extreme Masters is Coming to Fan Expo

iem-canada-bannerIt was just speculation when IEM Canada first announced but the folks behind Fan Expo have made it official. This August’s stop on ESL’s Intel Extreme Masters tour will be coming to Toronto as part of Fan Expo Canada.

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ESL’s Intel Extreme Masters Announces StarCraft II Tournament in Canada

intel-extreme-masters-headerAfter the massive success of the 2013 StarCraft II World Championship Series Season 3 World Finals in Toronto, it was only a matter of time before the highest level of competitive SC2 returned to Canada. It won’t ESL bringing WCS Americas to Canada but ESL’s premiere competition series, Intel Extreme Masters, that will be coming to Canada for a stop in August.

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Naniwa Wins the Biggest SC2 Show Match In History

bitcoin-starcraft-challenge-bannerThe battle of the two best foreigners playing StarCraft II took place this weekend. Canadian Zerg Scarlett and Swedish Protoss Naniwa did battle in a special one-off best of seven series in a battle to determine who is the best non-Korean in SC2. In an epic back-and-forth series, it was Naniwa taking the win in six games, 4 to 2.

Perhaps a bigger story than the match itself was the prize pool. The series, billed as the highest paying show match in SC2 history, featured the first major prize entirely in Bitcoins. Thanks to sponsors, the prize pool was 14 BTC or about $8,400.

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SC2 Player Celebrates Too Early, Costs Himself the Game

South Korean Protoss player Dear thought he had his GSTL Season 2 match against Symbol won after forcing Symbol’s zerg army to retreat. To celebrate, he busted out what are called “manner nexuses” which are Protoss buildings built to show off how much money the winning player had in reserve in defeating his opponent. It’s considered bad mannered in StarCraft 2

The only problem was that not only was Symbol not defeated but his army supply outnumbered Dear’s by nearly two-to-one when the manner nexuses were dropped. And with most of Dear’s money dropped into a show-off move, the result was inevitable.


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